Governance Overview & Documents

The Board of Directors (the "Board") of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. (the "Company") values an open dialogue with the Company's stockholders. Stockholders and other interested parties may communicate with the Board in the manner described below. All communications should be in writing in the English language, and should be delivered:

  • Via courier or mail, addressed c/o Corporate Secretary, 108 Wilmot Road, MS #1858, Deerfield, IL 60015; or
  • Via e-mail, to

The Company's Corporate Secretary reviews all communications sent to the Board. All communications will be forwarded to the Board, or the appropriate committee or member thereof, except for those items that the Company's Corporate Secretary deems, in his or her discretion, to be unrelated to a director's duties and responsibilities as a Board member. Communications addressed to the Board may, at the Company's discretion, be shared with members of the Company's management.

Any communications directed to the Board that concern complaints regarding accounting, internal controls or auditing matters will be handled in accordance with procedures adopted by the Audit Committee of the Board. Any such complaint should be raised by following the procedures set forth in the Company's Audit Committee Complaint Policy for Accounting and Auditing Matters, which is available on the Company's Investor Relations website under the "Corporate Governance" section.

The Company's acceptance and forwarding of communications to the Board, or any committee or member thereof, does not imply that the directors owe or assume any special or additional duties to persons submitting the communications, these duties being solely prescribed by applicable law.

Articles of incorporation & bylaws

Governance Guidelines, Policies & Reports

Committee charters

Code of conduct

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Policy Engagement and Political Activities

Our business is subject to extensive laws and regulations at the international, federal, state and local levels, and changes to such laws can significantly affect how we operate and our financial performance. Because of the potential impact such changes can have on our businesses, employees, communities and customers, Walgreens Boots Alliance is actively involved in public policy and political activities as they relate to our business – from a pharmacy, healthcare, and retail perspective.

In an effort to provide greater transparency to our stockholders, information about these activities is provided in this new section of our website. Please check back periodically for the most up to date disclosures.


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